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And - we have Lift-Off!

Yesterday was a fun-filled day. Finished Himself's new hat....well, I have a LOT of photos to post, so I'll do cuts, OK? :grin:

So...I finished the R2D2 beanie, and tossed it to Himeself. He squealed, then said "You forgot the sticky-out thingies". :sigh: Yes, yes I did - I was hoping I could get by without doing them, but...the boss has spoken. Knit sticky-out bits, I did. :grin:

This views not too bad - you can see the sticky-out thingies. :grin: They weren't that bad to knit - 12 stitches, 7 rows...easy peasy.

Yes, I had some tension problems with the "eye" - 2-color stranded knitting is easy for me - now - but 3 color intarsia, in the round - not so much. I need more practise. At least Himself is happy with it!

Good thing the hat got finished, because the male members of the household decided it was the *perfect* day to launch the Estes rockets they got for Hanukkah. :grin: I did NOT get photos of the actual launching - my camera is simply not fast enough. Come to think of it, neither is Sweet Geek's.....:lol:

Anyway - Photos!:

Here, the male-folk were busily getting the first rocket set up. It's a mini-rocket; R2D2 to be exact (it's Sweet Geek's). Here's a close-up of it:

Sweet Geek did all the set-up, and Himself was Launch Control. He counted down (from 5!) and hit the button...this is all I got:

Yup - totally missed the actual launch. I didn't realize that these things go - and go FAST. :lol: You'd'a thought we were a bunch'a rednecks, the way we were hooting and hollering and laughing. :lol: R2 is a mini, so it only went about 100 feet up.

We recovered R2, and it was time for Himself's rocket. Here it is on the launch pad:

This one went up even further - the package says 1100 feet. I believe it - it was spectacular! One of the neighbor boys was over - he turned to Sweet Geek and me and said "I wanna stay here! Ya'll have FUN!" :snerk:

It was then time for round 2....first R2. The parachute didn't open this time - I hadn't untwised the strings, but the rocket landed safely (in the girls' pasture. Round 2 for the orange rocket went off, and again the parachute didn't open. We've learned....and make sure to untangle the lines.

It was still daylight, and the kids wanted another launch (of the orange one; we were out of the mini-engines for R2) so I ran and got some of the "extra" engines....only, I didn't know that Sweet Geek had bought 2 types. We were using "B" engines...he had bought both "B" and "C". I grabbed the "C" package..these are larger engines. Still rated for this rocket...but it went up to at LEAST 2,000 feet. :boggle: It also landed in the cow pasture next the top of a HUGE tree. It's still there....:snicker: We need a ladder and extension pole to get it down - that's this week's project. At least the parachute opened that time.....:lol:

It was hysterical, and we'll definately be sending up more rockets. Himself has one that needs to be assembled - it has 2 space shuttles that launch off of it in.......the parabolic arc? Right as the parachute opens. So....3 things to go recover. :snicker:

I know what the men-folk are getting for their birthdays this year....Estes has more Star Wars rockets, AND a couple of Star Trek ones. :lol:

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