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It's already *one of those days*


Previous Entry It's already *one of those days* Jan. 13th, 2009 @ 08:39 am Next Entry
and it's not even 9 AM yet. :sigh: Ah, well, it'll get better from here, yes?

I've been looking for a hat pattern for *me*, since the kids each have a new hat, and Sweet Geek got *2* hats last year. I've been eyeballing the Knitpicks Andean Chullo kit.....but they're out of stock until at least Jan 23. This is Texas....winter might be Gone by then! :grin: What to do...

I googled. I hunted. I dug. And I hit paydirt: The Blossoms Chullo by Deja Vu Knits (I found it on Patternfish, if you want to see it). I like it better than the Knitpicks version - the Blossoms Chullo is longer, for one thing, so it flops over on top of your head (I...like that. :grin:) It takes 8 colors, instead of 6 (more practise at 2 color knitting!), and the earflaps are a bit smaller.

I figured up color subs...and ordered the yarn from Knitpicks (hey - I'm cheap. I don't have any suitable wool spun up - not in fingering weight, solid color, anyway - and Knitpicks Palette is only $1.99/ball. Total cost, for pattern and yarn, = $24.87. The Knitpicks version is $17.99...so, not that much more.) My yarn should hopefully ship today.....I should have it by next Monday :fingers crossed: and can start knitting! :lol:

Now, I need to find some Celtic knot patterns to substitute on my hat. :lol: (I would have done this with the Knitpicks hat, too....). Anyone got any good links for me? :hopefully: I can't find my Dover book...:sigh: I need a 9 stitch one (or 18 :grin:) for the bottom, a 32 stitch one for the 2nd motif (you have 160 stitches here), a 28 stitch one for the 3rd motif (total of 140 stitches here), and a 24 stitch one for the top (you're down to 96 stitches here). I think I have the first one covered - a Greek Key motif, I'll do it in 1 combo, then reverse the colors for the 2 go 'round. Just need the 3 larger ones.......:pondering: I haven't had much luck googling this AM. :sigh:

I do have graph paper...I might end up graphing it out myself. :not fun: We'll see...I'm hoping one of ya'll has some patterns bookmarked. :hopeful:
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Date:January 13th, 2009 04:30 pm (UTC)
I've been looking at that kit from KP, too. I'll probably order it when it comes back in stock--I knit myself a hat last year but I don't like it as well as I thought I would. So maybe something even more insane looking is the ticket... I'm already mentally referring to it as the Drama Llama hat. :)
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Date:January 13th, 2009 07:00 pm (UTC)
:lol: The llamas are the reason I like the Knitpicks hat, but were going to be the first chart to go - there are *so* many knitters out there doing that one, and I don't like to be one of many. (Yeah, I'm weird). I had planned on swapping the colors and changing the llamas to sheep.....that idea is completly gone now. I *need* a Celtic hat! With Tassels!! :lol:
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