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The List....updated to current

I've been knocking stuff off, but hadn't updated since Friday night, goes.

Stuff to do before surgery:

1. Finish kids bathroom (except maybe the water effect)(won't take too long - just have the space above the bathtub and the wall the toilet and sink is on)
2. Pick up living room - got the kids to do it - it was *their* stuff anyway!
3. Pick up music room
4. Excavate dining table
5. Decontaminate the kitchen (if you know my MIL, you'll understand)
6. Get all the clean clothes out of the laundry room and into the respective closets
7. Dyson all floors - will have to do again, but it's been done once!
8. Mop all floors - ditto the above - moreso since it's been raining
9. Get dirt off of walls (thank you, dogs!)
10. Decontaminate both bathrooms
11. Change all bedding
12. Vacuum futon mattress
13. Wind new dishtowel warp
14. Weave (13) off. (This won't take long - the last batch, done to the same pattern, took 15 or 20 minutes each to weave off, once I got in the groove. 1 shuttle weaves go *fastfastfast*, and I have Thanksgiving weekend to accomplish this amazing feat!)
15. Dye Shetland yarn in 3 batches for friend's "secret" scarf. (Don't think I have time to wind it, warp it, and weave it, but we'll see. 3 colors - blue, black and very little red. 3 dyepots......I have 2. Hmmmmmmmm.)

We'll see how 13 and 14 go. I have to go out Saturday to evaluate an antique wheel, and I'll probably be hearing from other spinner #1. Also, I found out last night that one of our church members does needle tatting, and he is willing to give me a quick lesson. Whee!!! Just what I needed - another hobby. *g*

I have to warp Himself's loom.....which won't take long. I'm going to try to wind my warp tomorrow...we'll see. I also have to bake some sugar cookies for T-day....I'm thinking of baking tomorrow evening, then turning the kids loose with the icing and sprinkles Wednesday night. I can only imagine the mess..........
Tags: blather, dyeing, spinning, weaving

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