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Previous Entry Whoa! Jan. 13th, 2009 @ 12:50 pm Next Entry
My dear sweet man just got the deal of the century, I think. He went to a hobby store at lunch, to "pick up a replacement rocket in case we can't get Himself's out of the tree. And some more engines." OK...that's cool. I reminded him to get some A-whatever engines for R2, and went about my way getting lunch.

He just called me. After checking out (he got 1 rocket and...3 sets of engines), the store owner (who was cashering) asked "Are you into Rocketry?" "Me and my son are getting into it" (:squee: *ahem*) "Well, you gotta dollar on ya?" "Ummm, yeah." "Give it here - I got a great deal for ya!"

Sweet Geek handed over the dollar ("After all, it's just a buck!"). The guy took him behind the counter.....where there were 2 large tubs. Full of Rockets. "Here ya go! What'ch'a driving? A truck? Great - this'll all fit, then!" :boggle:

So...there are at least 20 rockets there, most unassembled. From small, starter rockets to big, over 3' ones. Plus at least 1 launch stand. For *$1*.

Seems the store is mostly RC cars/trucks/helicopters/airplanes - they sell very few rockets....so, we got toys! :grin:

Now, to keep it secret from Himself until Sweet Geek gets 'em home......:lol:
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