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Sunday, Sunday......

let's see....we had a busy weekend!

Saturday: Went to an Indian Pow-Wow. Saw lots of gourd dancing, some (sorta) shawl-dancing, and heard 3 drum circles. It was interesting, and different. On the way home, we hit the Hobby Shop that all the rockets came from....Himself wanted to give a thank-you card to the owner. The almost unbelieveable. It's the size of a small warehouse - half of it is set up to run RC cars (2 tracks) and RC helicopters. The parking lot outside is set up for RC's wild. And cool. We bought some more engines :lol:

Home again, to rest and relax.

Sunday: Rocket day. It's a bit windy, so we didn't shoot off the ones we bought....:lol: Here - have some photos:

These are the $1 lot of rockets - the case underneath came with, also, and is full of spare parts, parachutes, and other stuff.

This is the *large* rocket - the launch pad came with, too!

This one we bought - it's called "Cosmic Cobra", and the nose isn't attached to the body. The body has a parachute, the nose has helicopter blades. Too cool!

I managed to catch the blue one right at liftoff - it went pretty good!

This is how the Cosmic Cobra is recovered - I couldn't catch them as they came down...I'll keep trying! :lol:

We launched 3 rockets, and recovered all of them. 1 only launched once - the tail fins broke on reentry. The Cosmic Cobra we launched's too cool to watch it come down. :lol:

Finished Sweet Geek's socks this morning. Yesterday, I started a pair of Monkey's for me - I'm already on the third repeat. They're going to fit...but it may be a bit snug. I like how they're turning out....just don't like the yarn so much (Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Stripes; colorway: Funky Stripe). Still....nice, loud socks. Speaking of, I must get back to them! :lol:
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