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:yawn: It's a Monday.....

Sweet Geek is off, so he's got the kids. I bet, when I get home, the house will be clean, the kids will be surly, and they'll all be chomping at the bit to do more launches. :lol:

Maybe not, though - Saturday Sweet Geek picked up an Apple Time Capsule, and started installing it yesterday. Worked great, on his Mac (of course!), but my Dell laptop.....yeah. Not so much. We do have wireless again (THAT took a bit.....), and he can wirelessly print from the Mac, but we can't get the printer to work on the laptop, and we can't get the backup to "see" my Dell, either. And, we haven't even *touched* the desktop. It has internet, but that's about it. :sigh: He was working on it again when I left this morning...hopefully he'll get it sorted - I like the idea of automatic backups.

The Monkey socks move apace. I'm on the 5th pattern repeat now (of 6 for the leg), so I'll be at the heel flap tonight (probably). This is a pretty fast knit - of course, it's only on 64 stitches, on size 2 DPNs...:lol:

I need to find a knitted bookmark pattern...I need a present for Saturday. No rush, or anything.....:snicker: I just found out that it's Sweet Geek's aunt's birthday the, yeah - need to get something knitted up for her.
Tags: blather, kids, knitting, socks, tech-y

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