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Am 2 rounds from finishing the gusset on Monkey sock #1! They are just *flying* off of my needles...should I call them "Flying Monkey Socks"? (Or...OZ socks?? :lol:)

Knitpicks sent me a shipping notice - Finally! 8 days from placing the order! :sheesh:

I have a sock kit that I carry with me when I have a sock-in-progress. It is a leather pouch that's the perfect size to hold a ball of sock yarn, needles, stitch marker(s), nail file, index card with the pattern, and a darning egg. The only problem - I only have 1 darning egg that I like, and I don't want to maybe lose it somewhere (yeah, it's an AA - what can I say? :lol: Ya'll know about my AA addiction! :roflmao:). I have spent the last 45 minutes hunting another "perfect" darning egg.

Most darning eggs have a flat top - or they're mushroom-shaped. The mushroom ones won't fit in my pouch, and I *HATE* the flat topped ones - I can't get them situated right so I can kitchener toes closed. That's what took so long - finding a darning egg with a nice, rounded top.

Knitting Notions has them. They're a bit pricey - $24 - but...they're nice hardwood, and they're rounded. :sigh: Not as pretty as my AA, but functional, and they appear to be smaller than average - which will fit into the pouch better.

Thus ends your service announcement for the day. I gotta get back to my socks! :lol:
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