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I am approx. 1 pattern repeat away from the toe of sock #1 (that's 11 rows, if you want to play along). I tried it on last night (yeah, for the first time - I like to be surprised! :grin:) and it fits perfectly; the heel sits right where it should, the knitting hugs my ankle and instep with no bags or tightness....THIS is why I prefer hand-knit socks to store-bought. I'll try to get a photo tonight - but I'm not sure my camera can capture the absolute horror that is this colorway. It's....the yarn is hideously BRIGHT, the ball is slightly subdued, but still bad - the knitting has actually subdued it a bit, but it's still pretty loud and seizure-inducing. Seriously - Lime Green and Bubblegum Pink do NOT belong together. :snicker:

Finished the bookmark last night - it's currently blocking on the ironing board. Looks nice - I might need to knit me one. :grin:

Got a question for all you tech-types: Someone commented yesterday that my feed to bloglines was down. I had/have a feed? How can I tell? How can I fix this if a)I had one and b)it's down? :grin:

Oh - Aubrey, I got the balm! My email's down, so I can't write you, but I will - I like the smell. :grin:

Gotta skitter - we have NO email right now, and I gotta figure it out (why we have 'net but no mail is a mystery to me....but I'll see what I can do.) Plus, I have a sock to knit on...:grin:
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