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THIS is why I document stuff.....

This is for my own records, so - nothing to see here. It's a good thing I document this stuff...since I will be writing a letter shortly.

Seems that the councilor at Herself's school accosted Mom today - she wants a detailed report of HOW the doc arrived at Herself's diagnosis. WTF? She went on to say that the sheet our doc provided wasn't good enough, but, and I QUOTE: "Usually I just get a letter stating the diagnosis".

This woman.....I am too upset to put into words my feelings here. Mom was, too - her voice was shaking. I have turned it over to Sweet Geek to call her....this is beyond ludicrous.

Soon as Ms boss leaves, I'll be going thru my LJ and pulling up dates - THIS is why I write this stuff down. I am formulating a letter to the school board - this woman is about as worthless as tits on a boar hog. :bangs head:
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