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I am so tired....


Previous Entry I am so tired.... Jan. 25th, 2009 @ 11:45 am Next Entry
Himself is a bit better - but still not at 100%. :sigh: These early morning wake-ups are for the birds!

Let's get on with the update, shall we?

Yesterday, we (Sweet Geek and I) went and picked up a new-to-us computer desk. What I had was a stand for the the keyboard/moniter, and a sideboard thingy for the printer to sit on. It was constantly cluttered and messy. What we have now is a (very expensive) solid wood corner desk, with hutch. It's a Craigslist score - we only paid $250 for it, and it's Gorgeous. The wood matches the entertainment center - nice, since it's in the same room - and it's built like, well, like a fine piece of furniture. There's room for the Mac, the PC, the Printer, and my Laptop...with room to spare. :boggle: It was a bit more expensive than *I* wanted to spend, but it was worth every penny.

I am on the 3rd repeat of Monkey #2...I'm hoping to get to the heel flap today. We'll see.

Today, we actually *cleaned* the living room. Last night, we just shoved the old furniture out of the way so we could set the new desk up; today, we cleaned and tidied. Big job...took us 3 hours. Looks nice, though. I'm now vegging on the couch; Himself is in his room playing (he feels well enough to play! Huzzah!) and Sweet Geek is playing some war game on his Mac. We'll be doing lunch soon...

More later - gotta go dig up lunch!
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