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Himself was up at 1 AM again....needless to say, he's home from school again. :sigh: This virus is a bugger!

Only got to the 5th leg repeat on the sock last night - I was too tired to keep going. And my wrist is all messed up.....ah, well. I'm hoping to get to the heel flap at lunch today - we'll see. Wanna get this sock DONE so I can start on my hat when the yarn gets here. I already have the next sock project planned - socks for Sweet Geek. He picked out the yarn (LL in "Mother Lode"), I just need to find an interesting (read: NOT boring) pattern. Fun stuff.....

I decided to actually use my Ravelry account (same name, but with a hyphen. :shrug: Wasn't fast enough to grab MY name) to keep track of this year's knitting. I'm tired of putting stuff down, starting something new, and having half-finished projects all over the house. We'll see how it far, I have the 2 hats (plus the Jayne hat, just 'cause. I LIKE it, and it wasn't represented well enough :snicker:), and a ticker keeping track of Monkey. I'll try to keep up with it....

The "Command Center" (aka: Computer Desk) is all set up and running. The time capsule *still* doesn't recognize my laptop..but we're working on it.

I have an overabundance of eggs...I love my chickens, I really do. :grin: They are hard at work making sure we have plenty of protein in the house....yummy protein at that. I just need to get more egg cartons, and maybe another refridgerator for them...:lol:

Ah, well - I'm off to hunt elusive manly sock patterns. :grin:
Tags: blather, country life, kids, knitting, pets, socks

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