Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness


and wet. Not icy - yet - but the forecasters say it's coming. By noon, they say, and will be here until noon tomorrow. Joy. I don't *like* the cold! Yes, I knit - I have lots of woolen socks, mittens, hats. My feet are currently encased in my lovely handspun Rambo "Autumn" socks (worsted-weight, 4-ply, very squishy and smooshy socks), so they're nice and toasty....but still.

My wrist is toast. Some of it's the weather, yes - it always gets more ouchy in the cold - but most of it is the fact that I've been abusing it (on purpose!). The doc told me to do range-of-motion exercises. I told him it would make it worse. He scoffed. So.....yeah. It's worse. I figure, why do pointless exercises, when I can: knit. Spin. Weave. Hold horses. Carry water buckets. Brush my hair (hard when you can't hold on to a brush). The area where the cyst is/was is very, very tender - the outside of my wrist is swollen and warm. The 2 outside fingers (pinky and ring) are numb - like they're full of novocaine - and swollen. I have been using the Etomic Balm (thanks Aubrey!), which helps me sleep, but the underlying pain goes deep. :sigh: (And before anyone jumps on me - the same thing would have happened if I had been doing the exercises....only, it probably would be even worse. This way, I'm not focused on the wrist and hand only, I'm using the whole arm.)

Turned the heel last night, and am cruising down the gusset. I figured out why these socks seem to fly - the pattern isn't repetitive. I mean, the pattern is an 11 row repeat, and each row is different. So, you're not mindlessly knitting the same thing all the time. When you finish a repeat, you feel a sense of accomplishment, and you can say "One down, 5 more before the heel flap!" or "That's one - 4 more to the toe!" I'm looking for similar patterns for Sweet Geek's next socks....:lol:

Must run - we're at work, for the moment, waiting for the Ice Storm to hit.
Tags: blather, knitting, socks

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