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Now, LIVE from the Frozen Tundra.... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About Now, LIVE from the Frozen Tundra....

Previous Entry Now, LIVE from the Frozen Tundra.... Jan. 28th, 2009 @ 05:42 am Next Entry
yes, Dallas has shut down. We are suffering from an "Ice Event". :snerk: Yes, it's icy. I slipped and slid to feed the critters - and the hens are still locked in the coop because I couldn't get the snap undone. The chain was frozen to the gate....they'll be fine. It's warmer in the coop than it is outside, that's for sure.

Right now, the school is opening at 10. We'll see......I'm thinking they might shut'er down, too, since all the big ISDs are closed. Ms boss called at 5 - we are to STAY HOME. She doesn't want to mess her car up. :rollseyes:

Am 3 pattern repeats (33 rounds!) from the toe on my sock...wonder what I'll be doing today? :grin:

My Knitpicks box arrived yesterday - 15 days from when I placed the order. I'm still miffed that I didn't have a choice of delivery methods....of course, I *did* get a pair (almost) of socks out of the wait, but that's beside the point. My hat is up next - I need to rechart it all on one page (right now, all my charts are scattered.....I have replaced *all* the motifs on the original hat. IF it works, my hat will be AWESOME. :fingers crossed:)

Reason # 756 my man is the best - he has decided that hand-knit socks are THE way to go. He has already picked out the yarn for his next pair....I was browsing eBay yesterday, and ran across a listing for 20 skeins of sock yarn (100% merino; 10 pairs of socks worth, hand-painted, similar to Lorna's Laces) for $65. I mentioned it to him, and his response? "So...how many pairs will I get out of it when it gets here?" :snicker: (Yeah....I bought it. It figured out to $4/skein...LL, which I LOVE, is $11/skein. We'll see how it compares when it gets here.) There are at least 4 colorways that shouldn't set off the "man" meter (meaning, a man could wear them without any problem), so....we'll see. IF it knits up like the LL, I'll be able to get a pair of adult socks AND a pair of kid's tube socks out of each set.

I'm off to shower - it was COLD outside! (21*) - then I'll hit the socks. I want a new pair of socks tomorrow!!
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spin a yarn
Date:January 28th, 2009 02:38 pm (UTC)

socks and stuff

Yeah! that you finally got your Knit Picks package! Isn't that Monkey patterning fun? I just finished the cowl the other day and I love it. Too bad it's a gift -- but I can always make another one for me. I may succumb to the Monkey socks too.

(spin a yarn)
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