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Why do I exhaust myself on holidays? - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About Why do I exhaust myself on holidays?

Previous Entry Why do I exhaust myself on holidays? Nov. 27th, 2004 @ 12:36 pm Next Entry
I guess it's because the kids are usually at one g'ma or the others, so I have the chance to do *me* stuff that I can't do with them around.

Or maybe I'm just nuts....*g*

Anyway. The kid's bathroom is *Finished*. Pics will be taken (soon as the paint's dry) and uploaded either Monday or Tuesday. I think it looks good - it's almost the way I wanted it. The fish look like they are floating, the water looks like water - it'll work.

The loom is warped, 2 mistakes fixed, and I'm 1/4 into the first dishtowel. Whee Haw! Fun stuff!.

The Structo table loom is now attached to the LeClerc treadle stand I won on Ebay 2 weeks ago (I got it for $50; new, they run $250!). *THAT* was an adventure! See, the stand is for a 24" loom....the Structo is 22". I had to figure out how to take up 2" without destroying the shedding action of the Structo, or blocking the rear brake. I did it, and, $24 later, the loom is attached. It's a bit tall for Herself, I think, but it'll work. (The modifications are also butt ugly, but it doesn't matter - they are removable. The stand is still original; the loom now has 2 holes in the bottom. No biggie.)

Of course, this means Himself is gonna start screaming for treadles for the 12H......guess my FIL has a new project. *g* The stand is pretty basic, but I have no desire to play with power tools again. Maybe Himself can help.......

Must take a nap now....I'm pooped!
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