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I am an Idiot....

the Blossom Chullo says to knit the bottom band flat, in garter stitch. Huh, thought I. I *hate* knitting flat and seaming. I think I'll just do it in the round. So, I CO my 162 stitches, and went about my merry way, *KNITTING* every row.

I am on row 6...and, of course, it's CURLING. :sigh: My question...will it block flat? Can I add something to the bottom to flatten it out (i-cord, maybe?) I *really* don't want to rip my 6 rows of 2-color knitting. :bangs head:

It's KnitPicks Palette yarn (100% Peruvian Wool, if it helps). :sigh:

Tags: chullo, hats, knitting

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