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Thanks, Guys!


Previous Entry Thanks, Guys! Jan. 29th, 2009 @ 05:43 pm Next Entry
marmota_monax and hugh_mannity, I appreciate your quick responses! I pondered this all the way home, and I checked Ravelry (much as I resisted joining, I really like the fact I can put in a yarn type and read actual user responses to it)....someone had knit the KP version - which is, apparantly, all stockinette. Blocking supposedly helps Palette not curl, as does the applied i-cord.

When I got home, I pinned part of the hat out, then hit it with steam from my iron. Voila - the curl just about vanished!

So....I am grateful for ya'll! I'm also glad I won't have to frog....2 color purl rounds just do NOT amuse me. :grin: (For what it's worth, the curling is still not as bad on the spot I steamed as it is in the rest of the hat. It's there - slightly - but I am hopeful it will recede with proper blocking and i-cord)
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