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Previous Entry :ugh: Feb. 8th, 2009 @ 03:05 pm Next Entry
Must be the weather, but my wrist is worse than usual. Hard to sleep, can't knit...:sigh:

Got a few things done this weekend, but it was mostly just running around. The weather is...weird; 70*, but it's a COLD 70*, looks like a snow sky (yeah...weird), the horses/chickens/dogs are all nuts.....

Managed to get to the 2nd motif on the chullo, but my wrist hurts to much to knit. I did start a sock for Sweet Geek - got the cuff done, but see wrist above. :bangs head: I sure do hope this surgery works - I am TIRED of being in pain all the time.

Kids are down the street....need to figure out dinner soon.
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