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Previous Entry Wow - time flies.... Feb. 16th, 2009 @ 07:31 pm Next Entry
spent most of the day with the CSM.....all morning, it was "M'suer LeGare"...this afternoon? "That D8765io9t6j(*D machine!" :grin:

Got 2 pairs of adult socks out of it....the pair I made Sweet Geek yesterday is already toast. The yarn was/is very poorly spun, very airy...NOT sock yarn, no matter what it was advertised as. :sigh: Today's pair is Fortissima, which should wear like iron.

My pair is....well, Sweet Geek calls them "Who Socks!" since they look like something from Whoville. :grin: Pictures later...I'm bushed, and nervous about tomorrow and and and....

Not sure about posting status...we'll see how I feel tomorrow.
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spin a yarn
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