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Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!

Just got back from the doctor. (Look - I have Upper Case Letters again! :grin:) It's not pretty....

6 stitches removed, from both sides of the wrist (so...12 in all). Wrist is VERY stiff, and ouchy. Hurts to bend. The "goober" was a 1.2 x 1.0 x 02 cm
synovial cyst (no wonder my wrist hurt!), and the ganglion cyst was .5 cm. Both were fully removed.

The elbow.....still has stitches. I don't know how many; the nurse said "A Bunch." More than 20, when pressed. They are all under the skin, and will dissolve. I still have bookoos of steri-strips holding my arm together. Fun stuff!

I have exercises - extend and contract the elbow (check!) and try to flip my hand from palm down to palm up. ( can do.) I can get it halfway before my wrist starts pulling. She told me to keep at it, when the strips come off it should make it easier. If I *can't* do it in 2 weeks, I need to go to PT. :sigh:

Good news, though - knitting was green-lighted. :evil grin: No, I'm not gonna knit today - it's too owie. Tonight, maybe. The sock machine is out for 6 weeks - I can't do ANY heavy lifting. (You have to apply quite a bit of pressure to the counterweight for the sock to stay on the needles. A steady downward pull, in other words. Not so good for my elbow.)

So - I am (mostly) back in business! I'm hoping I can *sleep* now, without the pulling and pain I was getting. :fingers crossed:

Oh, and the pain in my wrist - NOTHING like it was. The nurse said that the cyst was the culprit - I sincerely hope she's right. Right now, it's owie, but owie I can live with. :bounce:
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