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Busy Weekend!'s Recap time! :lol:

Saturday dawned bright, clear, and WINDY. This was bad - it was b-day party day for my 2 fellas (yes, they share a b-day. Which means, according to Himself, "2 cakes! YUM!"). Himself had a Lego Cake (chocolate sheet cake with 8 muffin bottoms on it, for the "dits" on legos, the whole covered with red icing); Sweet Geek had a Dump Cake (yellow cake mix, 2 cans of cherry pie filling, 2 sticks of butter, and 1/4 tsp sugar. Dump and bake. Yummy!)

We did pizza and prezzies, then went outside to try and lose a rocket. (We did - took 2 launches. :lol:) Back in for cake.....good times!

The only downer was that Magic bit Himself - by accident. She has been chastised; Himself's finger is bruised and a bit battered, but he'll survive.

We ran to the mall to pick up Sweet Geek's glasses...that was a clustermuck. :sigh:

Then home again for TV and snuggles.

Sunday dawned bright and early. The kids were at Grandma's, so Sweet Geek and I ran back to the mall to see what was up with his glasses. Come to find out the saleslady put the prescription in wrong, so they get to remake them. :sigh: Ah, well...we did find some new frames for me; soon as I get on Sweet Geek's insurance I'll be getting my eyes checked and can upgrade my frames.

We hit Half Price and I found 2 new books, and we bought me a new pair of sneakers and Sweet Geek a photography jacket. We'll be taking the kids clothes shopping soon.....after NTIF. :lol:

We did get the ceiling fan rehung, which is a big thing. It works and everything! :lol:

The people we were going to get the new coop from suddenly decided to up the price $200. $500 was bad enough; $700 is outrageous. So, we're back to square one. I can't look for more hens until I get another coop....Sweet Geek is thinking about building again....but he needs help so it can get done in 1 day or so. We'll see....

I introduced Boots to Zoey last night. Zoey and I stood by the gate. Magic came up and got her noze washed. :snicker: Leah and Heart came up; Leah got her nostril cleaned out, Heart got her nose washed. Twice. :snicker: Boots kept looking at the strange creature..she'd creep closer and look at Mama. Creep closer and look at Auntie Leah. Creep closer...and Zoey would shove her head thru the fence for a quick nose lick. Boots would jump, and it would all start over. :lol:

About the 3rd or 4th time, Zoey only stuck her nose thru the fence, and many sniffs were exchanged. Boots decided Zoey was just a weird looking horse-thing; Zoey decided that Boots probably wasn't edible. :snicker:

Boots also decided to walk up and sniff my fingers....which is good. :grin:

Busy but productive weekend!

My wrist is just about pain-free....the elbow, not so much. I'm working on it. I can flip my hand almost all the way over, which is good. It hurts to fully extend it...but it's getting there. :whew:
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