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Himself's betta has settled in and seems happy. There is much rejoicing in the Fiberaddict household. Herself got to go back to ballet tonight - I had pulled her out for 2 weeks because of insubordination and lack of control. Yes, she's ADD, but *still* - she can control herself if she exerts herself. Tonight was very good - we (the teacher and I) had agreed she could take the first 30 minutes of class, but had to leave when they began rehearsing for the Nutcracker (which she is not allowed to participate in this year). She was in for 45 minutes today, she was that good. Yeah, her!

I may have found my new loom. 48" Swedish countermarch, 8H. Very solid, according to the seller. It's in CA, though, but I have terrific friends who have said they will help. Hopefully, I can get a friend of a friend to go check it out for me and give me their opinion. I'm checking into moving companies and freight companies to try and figure out how to get it down here. Fun stuff!

During this process, I called Alden and Steph. He's ready to get my swift out of his shop, so it may be landing here soon. Yippee! I can't wait - I have a lot of projects on hold because I don't have a swift to help me unwind the skeins. He didn't want to discuss my wheel - guess it's not ready yet. *sigh* I can be patient....I can be patient. Really. I can.

Anyway, neither Alden nor Steph were familier with the seller, but Alden knew of the loom's builder. Both of them said it sounded like a good deal, but Alden was adament I need to have someone knowledgable look at it. So, here we sit.

If it's the right loom, there's no problem and I'll be able to get it down here. If not, well......I'll find the right one when the time is right. That's how I got my current loom. It's a good one, very solid, great workhorse, but it's only a 4H. I have shaft envy - I want 8H! Don't need an 8H, but I want one.

We found out today that yes, there will be bonuses. Yes, it'll be enough to pay my taxes with some left over. More than enough for this loom. Plus shipping. Plus a little set back for next year's taxes. So, now we wait.

Isn't waiting fun?
Tags: blather, pets, weaving

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