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Previous Entry It's Wednesday... Mar. 4th, 2009 @ 08:03 am Next Entry
which means lunch date! Only, not, because Sweet Geek's work has lost power in half the building, and he (as IT) has to be there when the power comes back to "fix" all the problems. No biggie - if we can't do it today, we'll do it tomorrow. :grin:

Herself keeps getting into more and more trouble - she simply can NOT keep her mouth shut. :sigh: Himself is getting himself OUT of trouble, by volunteering to help. :grin:

Wrist....I think I tore some scar tissue yesterday. It's a good thing....but it HURTS to bend my wrist. (Not that I have a lot of up-and-down motion going on right now.) Kind of a burning, tearing sorta pain. :sigh: At least it's healing! I'm working on the up and down motions now...it's just going to take some time.

Elbow...next! :lol: Still painful to move it, and it's hard to rest it on a desk/table without pain. Nighttime is the worst - try sleeping without your elbow touching *anything* on the bed. :lol:

Got lots to do today, so I'd better get crackin'!
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