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Shameless Plug... Aubrey of Goodies Unlimited has this....stuff she makes. The reason I called it "stuff" is because I'm not sure how to explain it - her Etomic-Balm is Miraculous!

I have some tenderness on my left hand - mostly along the back of the hand, but especially concentrated at the thumb up to the first knuckle of my forefinger. I rubbed some Etomic-balm on it 10 minutes ago....and the Pain Is Gone. GONE-gone.

I've got some Everything Balm awaiting me at the PO - she added some extra Vit. E. to it to help get rid of my scars - and I can't wait to start using it (Friday. Have to wait until Friday).

For all you equipment junkies, her Wood Beams is FANTASTIC - it's the ONLY stuff I'll allow to touch my AA wheels.

No affiliation, just a very happy customer who'd love to send more people her way. She also makes soap and lotions.....and her customer service is WONDERFUL. So are her products - AND they're green and Safe! (Zoey once ate an entire jar of Wood Beams - the only side-effect was solidified bisquick on my floor. Seems the Bisquick was attempting a coup; the Wood Beams joined forces and, well, Zoey had to do her duty. Silly dog managed to NOT open the jar; no, she split the bottom and licked the Wood Beams right out. I now keep the jar on top of the fridge. :lol:)

Go show her some love, OK? :grin:
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