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Crazy random happenstance.... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About Crazy random happenstance....

Previous Entry Crazy random happenstance.... Mar. 5th, 2009 @ 07:28 am Next Entry
Let's see....this is going to be random and zany, so hang on. :lol:

1. Sweet Geek presented Himself with the last b-day prezzie...a - are you ready for this? - RC helicopter. About the size of a hummingbird, that thing zips around, crashing into walls, furniture, floors....it's a lot of fun, and hard to control. Himself LOVES it.

2. Sweet Geek ordered me a Vintage sock kit last night. :huggles: The Tsarina is brilliant...let's see how long I keep my sanity when I start knitting teeny-tiny leaves. :lol:

2a. I considered - briefly - signing up for the Tsock Club. Yes, it's pricey...but you get 6 technically brilliant and creative sock kits. I sat down and looked at the previous kits to help with the decision:

(PLEASE NOTE: These are MY impressions, and are not meant to degrade Tsocky's work. She's BRILLIANT and clever and I love what she's got out there, OK? This was just to help me decide if I needed to spend the $$$ or not.)

2006: Vintage - finally succumbed. It took....2 years. I thought the sock was brilliant, but too fiddly, and I'd never wear it. I have re-thought that. :grin: (I've been obsessing over it ever since the Harlot posted about it...so, yeah, I had to have it. Toe-up, here I come!)
Kitri - like it, but not sure it's "me". The red and black....I dunno.
Imbas - like the knotwork, but am "meh" about the cuff.
Poseidon - interesting sock; I'd never wear it. I'm just not into dolphins. Herself, however, *is*...we'll see.
Oktoberfest - can't wear *any* of the colors. Sweet Geek thinks the foam cuff is too girly
Fiber Festival - it's next up in my queue. :grin:

2007: Roxie - too pink
The 9 Tailors - interesting construction, hate the cuff. The cuff is an integral part of the "story" so.....
Turandot - meh. Nice colors, but.....
The Iceman Cometh - Nope. Hate the colors - too sweet looking
Cookie's Garden - this one I'm thinking about. It's toe-up, so...thinking.
Cleopatra - interesting sock, but totally not me.

2008: Firebird - Love it, but can't - and WILL NOT - knit on size 0s. That would wreck my wrist faster than anything. :sigh:
York & Lancaster - love them, not sure about "mis-matched" socks (1 is white, 1 is rose), but it's in the serious consideration pile
Frozen Margarita - cute sock, hate the color.
Frenchman's Creek - this one I will Own. LOVE it, am impatiently waiting it's release
Golden West - no. Just, no. I live in TX - we wear out boots OUTSIDE, not around the house. Cute idea, but No.
7 Charkas - I just...don't like this one at all.

2009: Tyger - the construction is very clever; I don't like the color juxtaposition. Or the lace pattern. :shrug:

So..out of all those socks (19 pairs), there are only 3 on the Must Have list (and I now have 2 of 'em). There are 2 on the Maybe list...which leaves 14 on the Meh or NO list. Not a very good thing, when thinking about joining a club. :sigh:

Don't get me wrong - Tsarina is very creative, and all her socks are interesting. The construction methods are clever, the *ideas* are awesome.....they're just not all my cuppa, y'know? Tyger is very interesting...I might - Might - jump on it if the colors were a bit different, but to fit the theme it had to be the way it is. 9 Tailors...y'know, I *like* the sock. The cabling and colorwork is way cool, and the finished sock is brilliant, but...I don't like the cuff. Again, to fit the theme, it has to be what it is, but.....:sigh:

3. I have a box awaiting me at the PO. Idiots put the card in the mailbox at home instead of in the PO Box...ah, well. Not sure which package it is...but it'll get picked up today.

4. We get to go help set up the Village at NTIF tonight. Fun stuff....
4a. Have to polish the Norwegian tonight to get it ready for NTIF.

5. Tax Returns...'nuff said

6. Hopefully will have lunch with Sweet Geek today.

7. Have asked Tom at Grafton Fibers to consider making some inexpensive GREEN Darn Pretty Needles. I love his stuff - they are a LOT better made than KnitPicks (it's where KP got their idea, to be honest), and....I like supporting small producers. The sets aren't that much more than KP's sets, and, again, they're handmade. We'll see if he bites :grin: (One can NEVER have too many sock needles. I have 1 complete set of his DPN's now, plus a set of metal ones and a set of bamboo ones, plus misc. single sizes. Still, I can NEVER find the right size when I got to start a new pair of socks. :lol:)(Remember the set of Alabaster ones I got right before vacation last year? I love those things - size 1s, knit Sweet Geek's 1st pair of socks on them (100 stitches), and - they look brand-new. No warping, no dings, no nothing. LOVE them!)

Wrist: slightly stiff, but not that sore. The spot that I think I tore is owie, but again - no where near as bad as it has been in the past :huzzah: I was able to knit a full 10 rounds yesterday, and don't feel any ill effects.

Elbow: Achy. The stitches are pulling, and I still can't find a comfy way to set it on the table, chair arm, pillow or whatever. :sigh: It's not as bad as it was, though, so I have high hopes. :grin:
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spin a yarn
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Date:March 5th, 2009 04:55 pm (UTC)
Lovely socks, but not suitable for a guy.

Though I guess I could get away with Vintage in the Pinot colourway.
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Date:March 5th, 2009 05:56 pm (UTC)
You could probably get away with Imbas, since it's just a nice Celtic cable. *Possibly* 9 Tailors, although the cuff might be "iffy". York & Lancaster, for SCA-type stuffs (they'd be the only ones to "get" it. :grin:)...possibly Golden West, and maybe 7 Charkas (it's multi-colored, and starts with the heel and works up and down at the same time, from what they say on Ravelry.)

*You* might be able to wear Oktoberfest, too. And Fiber Festival is uni...if you don't mind a wooly sheep on your ankle. :grin:
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Date:March 5th, 2009 06:08 pm (UTC)
Well, Imbas isn't so very different from my Viking socks. Except it has a cuff I don't like. I loathe the colour of the cuff on 9 Tailors.

I can't see York & Lancaster, but if I were doing them I'd do red and white, and divide the colours vertically with a 2-colour cable at the join and appliqued knitted roses in opposing colours at the ankles. Possibly a leaf-green cuff rather like vintage? Or else some sort of heraldic device. Of course, doing intarsia in the round is kinda difficult...
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Date:March 5th, 2009 06:43 pm (UTC)
You're on Rav, right? Here's a link to a completed set, so you can see them...might be slightly girly...but I kinda like them (and I don't tend to like girly-girl stuff.)
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Date:March 5th, 2009 07:01 pm (UTC)
They're rather nice. Not too pink, and I love the castellated rib at the top.

I'd still like them to be bi-coloured with the roses done as is. I'd also make them a decent length.

There might well be a knock-off of those in my future.
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Date:March 5th, 2009 09:31 pm (UTC)
:heh: Yeah, they are a bit short, but I kinda like them. Maybe.

Here's Tyger - aka "Fearful Symmetry". It's a cool idea...but I really don't like the colors. Or the tiger face....it looks "off" to me. It's still a cool sock, though!
(spin a yarn)
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