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:ugh: So Tired

We helped set up the Scottish Village at NTIF last night....what should have been a quick job took almost 2 hours. :sigh: NTIF is gonna be a *mess* this year, since Fair Park is under construction; used to, we had the 2 buildings across from the reflection pool (which was drained and became the big outdoor stage). This year, the pool is GONE, so they've moved the entire thing to "our" side, only it's now taking up 3 buildings. :sigh: I don't think it's gonna work - but I hope I'm wrong.

Thanks to all the moving and hauling and taping I did (I got volunteered to tape the clan spots, and put the names in 'em), I didn't sleep - my arm ached. :sigh: Ah, well.....ACHE is better than PAIN, so.....

Speaking of, have a couple of shots of my wrist.

Here's the one on the inside of the wrist:

And, the one on the outside:

Sorry about the quality - my iPhone takes nice photos, but not when I'm trying to hold both arms still. :grin: There were *7* stitches in each incision...I haven't counted the ones in the elbow. Don't wanna. :lol:

I started using the E-balm this morning. We'll see how it works on the scarring....the itchies have GONE. Already! :boggle:

Didn't get a shot of my elbow - can't figure out how to hold the camera. The steri-strips came off a few minutes ago - I was tired of the itch and the clothes-grabbing. :grin:

Oh! ritaspins37, the box is at the post office! Mom said she'll pick it up for me. :bounce: Now I have loud wool for NTIF! :bounce:
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