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I survived NTIF 2009

And I do mean *survived*. Let's recap, shall we?

Friday evening, I came home to a nice, large-ish box from ritaspins37 LOVELY fiber, some Legos for Himself, and did I mention the fiber? :grin: 1 pound of batts - some nice, bright, florescent pink, dayglo green, screamingly bright blue, glowing burnt-orange, and a selection of mixed colors. I arranged them neatly in my basket, and we loaded up the truck.

Early Sat. morning (ok, it was actually LATE Friday evening), Sweet Geek woke me up with the dreaded words "Honey, the refridgerator is Dead." Sears repair answers the phone at midnight - did ya'll know that? - and was able to arrange a repair call for sometime today. We spent about an hour transferring the frozen goods to the big freezer and the perishables into the cooler. :yawn: What a way to start the day, huh?

NTIF was busy, busy, busy. Early estimates are 50K for Saturday ALONE. :whew: I think I saw 10K in front of my wheel. The pink wool was a hit - it attracted LOTS of attention, which is what I wanted. I didn't get to walk-about much; I got 2 full bobbins of singles AND 1 full bobbin of 2-ply done. (The pink, it is spun. It is destined for...well, you'll find out in a bit. :grin:)

We got home at 7-ish, and immediately crashed. We were TIRED.

Sunday..we forgot to set the clocks forward, so we got up a bit late. We wanted to get there at 9; we got there at 9:45. No biggie. Did a quick recon - the kids had requested souvieners (Herself got some Knotwork studs, Himself a marshmallow gun. $5 each - what's not to like? :grin:), and Sweet Geek bought me a pair of sterling silver knotwork dangle earrings. Get back to our tent, and I get things ready to go.

Sunday's color was orange...not as bright as the pink, but I had 2 batts of it and figured it would last most - if not all - of the day. So..I get it going, and the gates open up.'s where things got *weird*.

This lady comes up. She seems "normal", artsy, but not "out there", if you know what I mean. She looks sane enough. She stops to watch the wheel - this is normal. I give her a minute, then say "I answer questions!" :smile smile:

Now, this is normal, I ask, wait a few beats, then say "And if I don't know the answer, I'll make one up!", which makes people relax enough to ask "stupid" questions. So, I'm giving her a minute to formulate a question. No biggie, all's good, right?

She leans in, and says "Now, when you say you answer questions, do you mean as a Spinner, or as A....?" :blink: O....K. This one's new. "Well, as a spinner/weaver/knitter/or clansperson". I'm thinking...maybe this is a historical-type question. OK, I can handle that. I've got my History-hat on, and I'm ready to go. (You also need to realize that my clan cousin is sitting Right Next to me. She's heard my spiel many, many times, and can answer the "normal" questions just as well as I can. She's also switched over to "history mode" at this point. This is important.)

The lady LEANS in a bit closer and says "No....I mean as a psychic. Do you use your wheel to tell the future?" :WTH:

She is perfectly serious here. Dead on. No joke. I'm gobsmacked; this is a new one for me. "" I stutter out. "Oh." she says. "Many psychics use the spinny-part (the FLYER. It's called the FLYER) to see their visions." :expectant pause:

", I just make yarn" I finally manage to get out. "Hmm." she says. "You should try it sometime" and she finally - FINALLY - wandered off.

We got a LOT of mileage out of that one! Our resident clergyman came back, and we told him. We got the same WTH look...and then he decided that this requires thought. He wants to write a grant to get us some of that stimulus monies - which wheel is best for fortune-telling, does the color/breed of the wool affect the "visions", and, what about cotton? Silk? :snicker:

About 15 minutes later, I had a :doh: moment - of COURSE I can see the future! I can see that in 6 months or so, I'll be knitting a pair of orange socks! With Pink Trim! :lol:

The rest of the day was Normal.....that one just blew my little mind. Some people...:snicker:

We also decided what the psychedelic yarn is going to become....plaid socks for our clergy. :snicker: See, he wants me to WEAVE a tartan for Clan McTasteless, that we can get gov't funding to Not Wear. :snicker: His wife and I are plotting....:lol:

I don't know how busy it was yesterday, the crowds were about the same in our area. It was pretty packed outside.....I know the SPCA and other rescue groups were doing a pretty brisk business.....we adopted a puppy for Sweet Geek's aunt :shhhhh:. She's a little shepherd/lab cross, 6 weeks old, already fixed, and totally adorable. She snuggled up all the way to the house last night, and quickly made herself at home chasing the cats, exploring the yard, eating the aunt's house-slippers, barking at the cats...:snicker: The aunt *needed* something that needed her, since her dog had to be put down a few months ago. The puppy needed someone to love it was win/win.

The kids liked their souvieners, and were happy we were home. We crashed pretty quickly.....5 AM comes awfully early!

Wrist - OK, I hadn't spun for about a week before the surgery until Saturday. This was probably NOT the best way to get back into it....Saturday night I had to pop a pain pill. I was stiff, sore, and very, very achy. Sunday was better - it's a little sore this morning, but NOTHING like it was Saturday. I got back in the groove pretty quickly - I was turning out froghair singles within a few minutes.

Elbow - tender where the stitches are right up to the skin, but no major pain.

Borg - I was able to get 1 lady *spinning* on my Norwegian. She's a natural...and I'm sure will be joining our ranks soon. 2 kids HAVE to have a wheel NOW, dad.....1 dad took down the info on Babe's Fiber Starter, so I feel pretty good about that one. A couple of other people are *very* interested - I passed out a few cards, and told them how to find a local knitting/spinning guild. :grin: Clan-wise, we had 6 full sheets of new members/interested parties, which is phenominal for this Festival. This is good - our Annual General Meeting is this year, HERE, in June, so...we want more members to show our National Board how good we are. :snicker:

I'm tired, and I'm at work, so I'd better skedaddle. Lunch with the boss today - it's co-worker's 65th b-day today, so, needless to say, we ain't gonna get much done today. :lol:
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