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Lazy Sunday....

After the busy-ness of yesterday, this is nice.

Saturday, I had an eye exam. I'm not really comfortable with the results - yes, it seems I am now among the progressive bifocal wearers (:sigh:), but the optometrist didn't really *talk* to me. He got upset when I said things like "Well, #2 I can read line 4, #3 line 3, so...2 is better!" "NO! Whole chart, not line!" (Yes, he's from...Taiwan or China or somewhere. Not a big deal, except he didn't TELL me what he expected.) He also didn't really explain the prescription to me (I've been spoiled. The last optometrist actually explained what changed and why. He doesn't have Saturday hours, though, or I'd'a gone back to him.)

Headed to Wal-Mart, and ordered glasses. They'll be here in a week or so. For HALF the cost of my single-vision glasses from last year - Heck, for LESS than my LENSES last year. :boggle: *IF* this is a valid prescription, I'll order the frames I really wanted from Zenni Optical - the optometrist was in Wallyworld, so.....there ya go.

We had lunch, then ran the kids to G'ma's for the weekend. Sweet Geek and I hit the mall (new coat for me) and dinner (Steaks...Yum! Guess what I had for breakfast today? :grin:). We then hit Wally World (again) for groceries. (Long Story.....suffice to say I didn't want to shop with the kids.)

I wanted to find a small crock pot for dips and stuff....but while on the appliance aisle, I saw a rice steamer for $15. It'll hold 10 cups of rice.....and we need rice. The stuff I've been buying (the frozen steam-in-the-bag stuff) is fast, but expensive - and the kids LOVE rice. OK....I can live without a small crockpot. Hmmm...what's this......

Sweet Geek LOVES lattes. He has a 4x a week habit at S'bux (let's not mention my hot chocolate addiction, OK?) and we'd been discussing his bringing over his milk steamer/frother to help save money. (It's $3/day for his lattes, and $3/day for my hot chocolate. That's $120/month for the 2 of us, IF we each buy S'bux 5 days a week. We don't, often, but still...) He had asked me about I did some research to figure out how to make it at can do with a regular coffee maker. (Espresso needs to be steam-brewed, not drip brewed. Who knew?) Espresso makers are EXPENSIVE..even used on eBay or Craigslist.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw a Mr. Coffee Espresso/Capucinno maker at Thrallmart...for $28. :blink: Huh? I pulled Sweet Geek over...his expression was the same as mine. :buh?: We bought it, figuring hey, for $28, it'll either work, or not....if not, Wallyworld has a good return policy. We headed over to the coffee aisle, where he bought some espresso-ground beans, and home we went. (Yeah, I bought the rice cooker as well. :grin:)

This morning, I tentatively fired up the new machine....and Sweet Geek pronounced it Good. So good, in fact, that he just made another latte for himself. :grin: It has a frother and everything, so I can recreate S'bux's hot chocolate for myself. :giggles:

We both noticed one thing yesterday....despite us being in a depression (we left recession a LONG time ago, folks, and it ain't gonna get better any time soon!), people we out spending money. LOTS of money. The mall was packed, and folks weren't just hitting the clearance racks (we were). Wal-Mart was the same - folks were buying a lot of BIG ticket items. :scratches head: I mean....they had a $60 espresso maker, too, and I went with the cheapie model instead. Other folks were grabbing the more expensive stuff...I don't get it. I'm pretty cheap to begin with, and this had made me more can't figure out what's up with people. :sigh:

We picked up some DVDs while we were out. Last night we watched the Hugh Jackman/Nicole Kidman movie "Australia" wasn't what either of us expected. We thought, based on interviews and reviews, that it was some documentary, like "Man from Snowy River" on steriods or something. It's's sort of a cheesy, romantic, comedic thing. Some drama, yes, was good, just not what we expected. (Don't wanna give spoilers. It was good!)

Gotta go clean the kitchen counters now, so the Espresso machine has a place to live. :grin:
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