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Monday, Monday....

It's cold, it's damp, it's foggy....and it's supposed to hit 70* today. :shakes head: That's TX for ya.....

We put the halter back on Boots yesterday - she's a feisty li'l thing! Buckin' and kickin' and Not Wanting that THING on her head....but she settled down and let me scritch her head and neck. Getting the halter OFF was just as much of an adventure...:snicker:

Have started the leg of Husband sock #2. Hopefully it'll go quickly...I wanna start on my Fiber Festivals! :grin:

The loom has started calling to me...I need to plan a warp. Soon-ish. The seductive call of the shuttle and beater has begun.....

Need to work on my latte-skills. The milk got all nice and frothy this AM, but it didn't heat up quite enough. :sigh: I'll work on it...:grin:

Rebooted the kombucha yesterday, and gave the chickens the older SCOBYs. It was a hoot - they didn't know WHAT it was, so they'd peck it, it would, of course, wiggle, and they'd squak and jump, then go in and peck it again. Lather/rinse/repeat - it was so funny! (I can't see that the SCOBYs will hurt them - they don't hurt us, so...:shrug:)

Gotta start planning the garden - we picked up a couple of Jiffy Greenhouse thingys yesterday. Sweet Geek will be tilling the plot sometime this week.....:fingers crossed: Hope it goes well this year - at least we won't have any horses eating the produce! :grin:
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