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Top o'the Mornin' to ya!

Now that THAT'S outta my system...:grin:

Just received notice that my new coop was shipped out via Fed Ex. Let the tracking begin! This is good, since I ordered 100 egg cartons yesterday from Randall hens are doing their best, but I don't think the current number can fill 100 cartons...:lol:

Also restocked the soapmaking chest. I'm going to try homemade soap in my laundry soap this next go-round....the Zote I used previously seems to be causing a bit of reaction (to me, anyway. I itch.), and I can't find Fels Naptha *anywhere*. :sigh:

Not much else to report...the sock is coming along. I'm stalled on the chullo, but getting the itch to get back to it. The wheel is staring reproachfully at me..and the loom is still beckoning. So many projects, so little time!
Tags: blather, knitting, socks

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