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What a day!

Let's see....I got home last night to total chaos. Wait a minute, let me back up a bit....

Sweet Geek took yesterday and today off to do some much needed outdoor work at home. He wanted to straighten up the posts of the chicken run, get the ground prepped for our garden, get the water lines moved for the horses, improve the drainage at the front of the house, and then set up the new drawers for the Master Closet. I, on the other hand, did the sensible thing and went to work.

Now, the #1 priority yesterday was the chicken run. The posts had been set quickly, with no cement. No big deal, but they were leaning a little (and by a little, I mean just that - they were obviously Not Straight, but it wasn't a major construction weakness.) *MY* way of dealing with this would have been to pull the tractor over, hook up a chain to the post and the tractor, gently back up, then plant a t-post and wire the fence post into it's new position, either filling up the now-empty space with dirt OR sackcrete and water. HIS way of dealing with it involves removing the wire from the posts, pulling the posts OUT, re-digging the holes, adding sackcrete, and resetting the posts......THEN reattaching the wire.

My way? A *whole* lot faster. HIS way? Probably the "proper" way....but IT'S JUST TO KEEP CHICKENS CONTAINED. Y'know?

Anyway, I arrived home last night to a chicken run with only 3 attached sides; the top netting was strewn over the coop and draped over the rest of the run. The chickens were contained...but it was a MESS. :sigh: I'll grant it looks fantastic - the one side he got done, but still......there's NO WAY he's gonna get to the garden this week.

The plumber did come out and move the water lines, and he'll be back out today to dig some trenches to help fix the drainage problem in front. (It's worth the $175 he's charging, because a)I can't help dig right now and b) Sweet Geek has a bad back and enough on his plate.) We'll worry about actually putting the drains in later....

My glasses were in, so I convinced him that 2 hours really wasn't enough time to fix the side and start the next row, and we headed out to Wally-world. The employee was....not enthused about her job; she handed me my glasses and *walked off*. No fitting, no checking the prescription. :sigh: They are nice; the prescription IS progressive, but I'm not seeming to have the problems I'd been warned about. The frames need to be tweaked a bit - we'll go back tomorrow and get that done. I like them, so that's good. We then hit Home Despot for some more lumber...and I priced the PVC pipe and fittings to redo the top of the run. It'll be roughly $100 - $150 to do it, BEFORE the netting/fencing. I'm thinking I need to go to the Top Flight netting...chicken wire is WAY to expensive in the amount I'm going to need.

The coop is in Hutchins now, and due to be delivered today. I told Sweet Geek to NOT assemble it; he's got enough to worry about. The run HAS to be finished by ifs, ands or buts.

Fun stuff....and I'm not sure if we're gonna go Sunday or next Saturday to pick up the new hens. We'll see....
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