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It's a Monday....

I didn't sleep at all Saturday night.....PBS has NOTHING decent on from 1:30 - 4:30 (in case you were wondering...). I had to dope myself last night to shut my brain OFF so I could sleep. Yesterday is a blur....

We bought the hens a kiddie pool and 4 bags of play sand. The idea is that the run will soon be covered in mulch (to cut down on the mud and to make it smell better...and to give them something to scratch around in), and that they would need a dedicated spot to take dust baths in. So far, none of them like it. (Of course not. Why should they? :lol:)

The 5 new hens have settled in. They're still not part of the "in" flock, but they know which coop is theirs, and they know where the food and water is (we also bought a hanging feeder and got it installed, so that everyone has access to the layer pellets. Yes, both coops have feeders and waterers, but I wanted to be sure there was plenty available.) The wing-clipping job seems to have thwarted the Red Leghorns' escape plans. :lol:

I have successfully turned the heel of sock #2 and am ready to do the gusset. I was too brain-dead yesterday to even attempt, I didn't. I watched "chicken TV" instead. (Too funny.....we opened the coop to let everyone out, then hung around to watch. The original flock immediately all came over to check out the new digs.....the blue Ameracuna and 1 RIR crammed themselves into the doorway, but wouldn't go in, or out....and another RIR came up behind them, bouncing to try and see inside. You could *hear* them "Well, there goes the neighborhood. Would you LOOK at what they've done to the place! I don't like what they've done with the nesting boxes." :snicker: Silly biddies....

Next up: Finishing the re-do of the run fence. Then we need to set up the PVC braces for the re-do of the top, and we need to set up the dog run beside the coop so we can move the compost heap. (We're gonna let the hens stir the compost for us - less work for us, more fun for them. Win/Win) THEN we get to start on the garden. :whew:
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