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I didn't know the wind could blow like *that* - it's very very very windy out here today. It started last night....gusts up to 25 mph, they said. And's weird. It's also pitch black outside. Supposed to rain - maybe even thunder-boomers. Fun stuff!

I've been watching prices....gas bounced back up to right at $2/gal last night. Folks, I've been saying it for a couple of years now - things ARE going to get worse. Printing our way out of this mess ain't gonna's going to push us into hyper-inflation, and it's gonna make the "Great" Depression look like a "Good" Depression. (Yeah, go ahead and say it won't be *that* bad.....then take a good, hard, TRUTHFUL look at the state of things. Massive unemployment, horribly devaluing dollar, bills pushing out the small farmer, prices rising rampantly......have fun!)

If you haven't been prepping, start Now. Chickens are cheap (if you don't try to get pretty, fancy ones) - and it's not hard to keep 2 or 3 hens. In fact, MOST cities will allow you 2 or 3 hens - NO roosters, but you don't need one, anyway. A cheap coop idea is a dog house - yes, it'll be a bit find the eggs, but it's cheap and quick. If you don't have a lot of feral/outdoor cats, that's all you need; otherwise, slap up a dog kennel, put deer netting on top, and they'll be protected (dog kennels can be found CHEAP on Craigslist or Freecycle. Tractor Supply sells new ones for +/-$250, if you have it to spare. Deer netting was like $7/roll last year - 7' x 100'. 1 roll is all you'd need.) Layer pellets are...around $12/bag here....2 bags last me about 1.5 months and I have 25 hens now. Hen Scratch is...$7/bag, and 1 bag'll last the same as the pellets - it's just a treat. Hens'll eat almost all of your leftover breads/veggies/fruits, and will repay you in eggs. You can water them in a shallow bowl - yeah, you'll have to keep refilling it (poultry waterers are great, but can be pricey), but it's free. (Just for info's sake, a chicken will lay about 5 eggs/week. Some more, some less - my Buff Orps are laying *machines* and give me, on average, 6.5 eggs/week. The RIR's are about the same (I say .5 because I really don't *know* who is laying what...but I've been averaging 17 eggs/day with 20 hens. The Red Leghorns we just brought home Saturday have already given me 2 eggs....and hens are supposed to go on "strike" when you move them. We'll see..)

Put in a garden - if it's good enough for the White House (what do they know that they aren't telling us, I wonder?), it's good enough for us peons. Try to get Heirloom seeds - those will set seeds you can use next year - the Hybrid varieties won't, so you'll have to keep buying seeds (and...what else have they done to them, I wonder....)

Sweet Geek mentioned last night he'd like to see about getting some, that'll be next up, I'm sure. That'll give us milk/cheese/butter. Also, soap. :grin:

Things AREN'T going to get better, not for a LONG time. We are headed for a one-world gov'ment......and one-world currency. Be prepared. Things won't be pretty.......(ya'll wanted "change" - here ya go. Hope you like it!)
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