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Weekend follies...

Busy weekend - as usual.

Saturday: Colder than cold (42 for the HIGH - shut up, this is TX. It was 75 last weekend!) and rainy. We wanted to get the chicken run fixed (2 sides to go!), but....too cold and wet. Ditto on the mowing of the, what to do?

Simple. The boys hit the feed store and bought 2 round bales, and dropped them off. Them we hit the local theater, and saw "Monsters vs. Aliens". Oh, my - it was HYSTERICAL. Funny - lots of shout-outs to cult classic alien movies (Close Encounters, anyone? :snicker:), lots of silly happenings...the humor was all on child-level, so the kids "got" the jokes (not necessarily the ET or Close Encounter ones, but it was still funny, even so). I HIGHLY recommend this - go. Now. Laugh. Bust a gut, it's *that* funny.

Got home and knit a bit.....watched Dr. Horrible again. Pretty nice, relatively relaxing day.

Sunday: Oh. I am SUNBURNED. It was 65 yesterday (yup..from 42 and rainy to 68 and SUNNY. :sigh:), so we worked outside all day. I got the backyard whacked down (seriously. The grass? exaggaration....2.5 FEET tall. Maybe taller. It's been a wet year, so far), and the kids gathered up the clippings and fed them to the chickens and horses. The run only has 1 side that "needs" to be re-done, now (For the Record: *I* am happy with it the way it is. Sweet Geek is Not. So, it gets re-done :shrug:) We need to attach the chicken wire to the top of that side, and half the side with the gate...but, hey - the posts are now straight and in concrete. Y'know, to be sure the rampaging hens don't get out and terrorize the neighborhood. all the grasshoppers or something. :snicker:

We also hit the Hardware store - I now have a duster to treat the hens for bugs and stuff. And to dust the coops. I use DE - we want to try the organic way, first, before resorting to chemicals. We'll see.....

Oh...and the Jeep has been washed. Finally. And vaccuumed. Its's all pretty and shiny now. :grin:

I am at the toe, now on Husband sock #2. I'm gonna try to finish it tonight so I can start on MY socks. We'll see.....

I'm glad to be in the office today - I need the break!
Tags: blather, country life, knitting, pets, socks

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