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It's Tuesday, AND it's the end of the month, AND it's the end of the pay period for the company we do contract work for, so my morning's shot. I'm just waiting for co-worker to clear the printer so I can start printing the timesheets (I already did all the checks for MyCompany, so....yeah. I'm a little ahead of the game, here)

Finished the Husband socks. Let me say that again - I FINISHED the Husband Socks. :happy dance: I CO for the Fiber Festival socks. So far, I have learned how to do a crochet cast on....and I'm now on round 7. On size 1s. :boggle: and :owie: 1s cause my wrist to ache a bit, so I won't be marathon-knitting them, that's for sure. Still, Flock Sock yarn is very nice, very cushy, and looks fantastic on size 1s. I'd love to try some on size 2s...maybe later. :grin: Yes, I have picture proof, Yes, I even brought the mem card up here..but, see paragraph 1 on why it *might* not get uploaded today. :fingers crossed:

I decided last night it was a crying shame that I don't wear my hand-knit/hand-spun shawls more, so today I am snuggled up in my Irish Diamond shawl. I spun up some Falkland Island roving into a nice sweater-weight 2-ply, and went to's like wearing a hug. :grin: LOVE it. Need to do it more often!

The hens are doing well....I tell ya, there is NOTHING like a fresh egg! People who talk about only buying Omega-3 eggs are silly - they're still commercial eggs that are probably 45 days old when you buy I got eggs that are merely *minutes* old to use and enjoy, from happy hens living the life a hen was meant to live. They have a large, safe yard to run around in, they have bugs to chase and catch and eat (the kids even provide them with freshly caught grasshoppers......whatever), they have sand to dust in, they have plenty of water and layer feed (which, while all natural, isn't organic, because the feed mill doesn't want to bother with all the paperwork -however, it IS fresh, they make it up on a weekly basis.)....very happy hens.

Zoey has a cockle-burr in her paw, again....she won't let me remove it. :sigh: Will try again tonight....

Must run...
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