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Pictures! I promised you Pictures!

And so, Pictures you shall have! Let's start with the socks, shall we?

Pattern: #1 Husband Socks (can't remember where - but the info is on Ravelry)

They fit perfectly, and Sweet Geek is thrilled to death with them (he wore them to work today, in fact!)

OK, here's a few shots of the new hens:

This is the Barred Rock hen (I think....she might be a Cuckoo Marans. not sure. One or the other, anyway!)

This is the Cuckoo Marans (or Barred Rock..see above) and 1 of the 2 Red Leghorns.

And, this is a Red Leghorn. The Welsummer looks almost identical, except it doesn't have the white ear.

I'll be doing a Chicken Coop Review in the next post - I didn't want to overwhelm you with photos. :grin:
Tags: country life, pets, pictures, socks

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