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Review of the Cumfy Pets Chicken Coop

OK, as promised, here is a review of the "Cumfy Pets Deluxe Chicken Coop". When I was looking for a pre-fab coop, there were NO reviews of it at all...and I want to rectify that.

Let's start with the eBay ad, shall we? I cut and pasted the description....but I won't post all of it here. It was a bit long and glowing. Let's see:

CUMFY PETS USA Deluxe Chicken Coop Hen House

Sounds good, right? Here, I'll throw in a picture from the auction:

Looks lovely, right? Lovely enough to make you pay $399 for it. (With FREE! Shipping from their NY warehouse. I mean, yeah, $400 is a bit of cash, but my other coop was $275-ish for materials, and took us a good month to build. This would go together in minutes!

OK.....let's see....ah, here: 12mm TONGUE AND GROOVED TIMBER - That sounds really nice, like, quality work! And - SUPERIOR QUALITY ALL T& G TIMBERS and MADE OF HARDWOOD (FIR)
Here's some of the ad copy:

This Chicken Coop is very sturdy and will withstand inclement weather. Our Ultimate coop is high quality, versatile and a complement to any garden.
The coop has a sliding front access door with stainless steel locking slide bolt and removable ramp. The front ventilation slot is wire covered. The coop has three internal perches. The nesting box has a lift up lid with locking flap to make it easy to retrieve your eggs. It also has a full slide out tray from the rear for easy cleaning. It is finished with a base coat of stain to waterproof and give it a golden brown color.

Excited yet? I was....then I got the box. It wasn't....quite...what I had expected. (I didn't get any photos of the unassembled coop. I should have......sorry.

Here's what it ACTUALLY looks like:

If you look closely, you'll see duct tape on one of the legs. It was split during shipping - and I didn't really want (or have time) to go thru the hassle of POSSIBLY getting a replacement. You'll also note the cinder blocks - as is, the thing is MAYBE 6" off the ground. I don't know about you, but I don't want to have to stand on my head to retrieve eggs.

This is a closeup of the "large sliding door"......we had to re-glue the trim the 2nd day, and redo the "handle" the 3rd, because they kept falling off. The "locking slide bolt" is a simple slide latch, the "wire covered ventilation slot"...has 3 pieces of cheap wire across it. Don't even TALK about the droppings tray - I removed that piece of junk and stapled hardware cloth to the bottom instead. The "Tounge and Groove" is...routered in.

The wood splits if you look at it cross-eyed. The perches....oh, lord - they put them in parallel to the front and back, so the hens had to hop OVER them to get to the nesting boxes. We turned them around so that there are 2, now, running from front to back. (The perches split, too, if you put screws in them)

The nesting boxes are...NOT large. They are just big enough for *1* hen to fit in, but not turn around (my other coop, in comparison, has boxes large enough for 3 hens to fit in)

There is NO internal feeder or waterer, so you'll have to buy those separatly.

In short, this is an OK coop, but NOT worth $399. If you're planning on have just 2 or 3 hens in your backyard, it'll work. They claim 12 hens will fit....they will, I think, IF you allow your hens free access in and out - it will NOT keep them in all the time. (I have 5 in there now, and there's room for at least 5 more at night. So...yeah, I can see fitting 12 in there) It is NOT quality work - it's cheap. The wood is thin - the assembled coop is light enough that I can move it (not easily, but still - *I* can wiggle it around), and I'm worried about high winds. It *is* weatherproof, but I think that's because we gorilla-glued the crud out of it.

If you know someone that can build, you're better off buying plans (for $30 or less) and doing it yourself. If you don't...this'll work, but don't expect quality.

I'm outta here for the weekend, so - more later!
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