Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Home again, home again....

:whew: We're home, mostly unpacked, and sorta fed. So, a recap is due....:grin:

So, we left Friday at approx. 1:30. Made decent time, until we hit Austin.....and came to a grinding halt. What should have taken us 15 minutes took a good HOUR and a HALF. :shudder: I thought Dallas had bad traffic......

So, we checked in the hotel at 7:30. We only unpacked the suitcase (the Jeep? Was packed. It was like a puzzle getting 2 tents, 1 table, the box of portable holes, the 2 flag cases, and the 2 info boxes in, along with my spinning wheel, basket and our suitcase. Oh, and us and the kids!); I crashed while Sweet Geek and the kids made a foray to HEB for groceries. I was one tired Fiberaddict! After a quick dinner, the kids had baths and we all hit the hay.

Got up at 6 AM Saturday, got dressed, and headed to the site to get all set up. I had brought the Scottish wheel, because it is easy to disassemble. The Norwegian? Is prettier, but doesn't break down much. We were *very* tight on space (see Jeep: above), so the Scottish lady came along. She was perfect - you could see her from down the lane, which drew people down towards the tents. We were near the Games area, so there were people, but they weren't coming our way until I started spinning.

The day started out cold - 55* - but warmed up to almost 90* by noon. It was HOT.....but my sweet man was thinking about my delicate complexion - he bought me (and Herself, who was VERY good this weekend (just...don't ask about Friday, OK? I derailed her Friday AM by not telling her we were sleeping in..and it went straight downhill from there. Asberger's is SO FUN...NOT. :sigh:)) a lovely silk parasol - mine is blue with yellow-green silk (painted with flowers), Herself's is pink with green silk (flowers and birds). They stylishly kept the sun off of us. Himself got a stuffed border collie, which he took around to all the dogs and let them sniff. :grin: We left about....6:00 - and we repacked the Jeep. BIG job! Hit the hotel, did laundry (SMART thing! Gotta remember that for next year!), took showers (we were all stanky!) and hit the hay.

The games were good, not too busy, but not too dead, either. I was never mobbed, but there was always a few people walking by. The vendors weren't mobbed, but it looked like steady business all day. Prices were reasonable - no garb vendors, only 1 weapons dealer, but a lot of jewelry and stuffs for the kids. Clan Murray had a sheep there ("Buddy"), and there were a LOT of dogs. I got one full bobbin of frog-hair, and 1 partial bobbin. Nice progress for one day.

We got up this AM around 8:30, and took the scenic route home. Himself has a school assignment - he must gather and press wildflowers, and do a short write-up about we kept stopping and grabbing more flora. Pretty stuff - he needs 15 for an A+.....I think we're WAY beyond that. :grin: There are some that I think will be unique to his.....the Hill Country has a few varities that we don't have up here. We went thru Johnson City - but missed the State Park, somehow - stopped in Waco to hit the bookstore (for a book on Wildflowers, natch!), and made it home about 5 PM. Long day, yes, but nice. Pretty drive, the kids were amazingly's all good!

Socks...I am 1 round further than I was Thursday. Thursday I had gotten to round 5, discovered a MAJOR mistake, ripped back, and had re-gotten to round 5 by the time I got home. Friday evening at the hotel, I pulled it out...and discovered ANOTHER mistake. :sigh: This time, instead of Tinking back, I yanked the needles out and ripped back to the last round of stockinette....and started over. I got it right this time.....but stopped after round 6....didn't want to jinx it. I'll pick it up again in a bit, I think...or I may read one of my (many) new books. :grin:

Anyway, I'm tired, I have dishes in the dishwasher going, and the tableclothes from the games in the washer. Need to put the chickens up, and get the kids ready for bed....
Tags: blather, demos, knitting, san antonio, socks

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