Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Monday Monday...

I'm back at work, tired, but here. :blah: Not much to report...

Himself's fishy died last Thursday, and we need to replace it. Probably this weekend...he wants another goldfish, to keep his older one, we'll be hitting Petsmart Friday. (Just what I wanted to do, y'know? :grin:)

Need to finish the chicken yard...and get me some Wyandottes. :lol:

Did row 7 on the socks this AM..will do more tonight. It's a very easy pattern, I just keep getting distracted and screwing up. :sigh: Need to get my brain back where it belongs.

Read Cookie A.'s book this weekend ("Sock Innovations") - Very Good book. The first half is, basically, a Master's in Sock design, and it's *terrific* reading. If you like to knit socks, if you WANT to knit socks, run out and buy this book. Seriously - it's good. The patterns are....meh, to me, for the most part, but that's OK - the explanations are worth the selling price.

Suppose I should do some work now...:grin:
Tags: blather, books, knitting, socks

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