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Why I love my iPhone, reason # 1228975

The apps. No, really - there are a LOT of cool apps out there that you can download to iTunes, then upload to your phone. Some are free, some are .99, some are more.....

Why this? you ask....because, before we left for San Antonio, I went and downloaded KnitGauge. It was .99....and it is WELL worth the money. It has a "ruler", and it'll calculate your gauge for you you simply put 2 pins/darning needles/knitting needles into your knitting, count the stitches between them, then set your phone on the knitting and move the little knitting needle so that the 2 points on the phone are the same distance apart as the pins on your knitting. Voila! It tells you your gauge. (I am getting 7.15 st/in per my phone, vs. the stated gauge of 7 st/in. I think I'm good. :grin:)

Yes, it's a fun "toy"....but it's very useful. My sock pouch doesn't really have room for a measuring tape - the sock yarn is taking up most of the space..I even had to ditch the darning egg for the moment! - so measuring length has been problematical. The app only has a 2" "tape"....but I can work with that, no problem (actually, I can count rows and use it to figure rows/inch, and go from there, too.....)

Anyway...iPhone. Love it. :grin:

Another new Tool I love....KnitBobs. The Fiber Festival socks require 2 colors in the heels and toes....and, to do it easily and retain your sanity, you use bobbins. I have a problem with the regular, rectangular bobbins - they want to unwind themselves at the most awkward times. KnitBobs? They can't - it's a circular rubbery-plastic to sorta looks like a donut/pom-pom maker hybrid. It has a flat bottom and a "post" to wind the yarn around, then it has a domed top that you invert while winding, then pop it OVER the whole shebang when you get enough yarn on there. It holds the yarn snug, but it's easy to unwind more when you need it. Very clever idea - and very very useful. I just got 8 mediums for $4.50 - and a medium will hold TONS of yarn. :nods: I am impressed with it!

NAYY - just a happy customer of both products.
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