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BUSY day...

It's been wild today, so let's get with it, shall we?

First up, we had a meeting with Herself's counsellor. Seems they've had *4* meetings already - WITHOUT me, I might ad - and this one was to set things up for Middle School next year (sorta like an IEP, but not). It was....well, it was a CYA meeting, to be honest - Sweet Geek had called the Austin School Board a few months ago, and I think it's coming home now. :evil grin:

Basically, Herself is to be allowed to do stuff with her hands (origami, pipe cleaner sculptures, stress balls, ect) while in class. She is to be helped with organization; she is NOT to take assignments home(because they'll never be seen again), she is to be given structure (VERY Important for an Aspie!), and she is to be warned of changes in routine. They are recommending AP classes - which I already suggested - and I hope it works.

THEN, we went out and picked up my new pullets - my very sweet husband got me 8 2 month old Silver Laced Wyandottes! They are cute, and silly, and will make a colorful addition to the flock. (Pictures will, of course, be forthcoming). I spent the afternoon watching them adapt to the flock, and putting down new chicken wire around the 2 sides of the perimeter of the run. And mowing.

I'm glad we got new pullets...1 of the RIR's isn't looking too good. I think she may have been hit by a rock while I was mowing - she's acting kinda drunk, and sorta fell over in the coop. :fingers crossed: that she's just a bit stunned....then we have a Buff Orp that's been sitting in the nesting box all day - no egg, though. We're watching her, too.....:sigh: That's part of country life I don't like, but it's part of nature.

I need to do one more side of the run (the 4th side still needs to have the posts reset), then I need to shower and take everyone out to dinner. I'm tired!
Tags: asd, blather, country life, kids, pets

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