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Wow...trolls are out!


Previous Entry Wow...trolls are out! Apr. 17th, 2009 @ 08:05 am Next Entry
I've gotten a few emails recently regarding my Sweet Geek. Apparantly he's a lazy, good-for-nothing sorta guy (news to me!) who puts Himself before us. :scratches head:

The current "issue" is that he is taking forever on "my" projects, but gets "his" done quickly. First off - WTH? There are no "My" or "His"...just "Ours". Yes, he is doing yard work.....and yes, the chicken run isn't "done"*, nor is the horse fence repaired.

So, since it seems to be an issue, here's a post. WE have prioritized stuff - what needs to be done in what order. I don't owe anyone an explanation, but you're gonna get one anyway. :grin:

The chickens are important, yes - but horses trump chickens, and People trump horses. So...yes, there is no roof on the chicken run. So what? Most people don't even fence in their chickens - I did, because I am cheap and didn't want to have to keep replacing chickens that got 'et by cats/hawks/cars, AND I am lazy and didn't want to have to search all over creation for the eggs I expect to get as "rent" from my hens. :lol: The run was FINE, the way it was, except that some of the posts were leaning and it was driving Sweet Geek nuts. *I* am fine with it the way it is now (3 sides with reset, perfectly straight posts, and 1 that snakes around a bit. :shrug:) - He is not. So, that last side will be re-done, when it gets done. :another shrug: The hens are all over a year, now, and too large to interest most hawks (it's spring - why go after huge chickens when there are tons of baby bunnies and birds out there?) and too mean for most cats (seriously....they watch 'em, but they aren't trying to get in.) The new pullets? Can hide under the coops - and the older hens will alert them if they need to hide. So...the lack of roof is a non-issue. (It WILL be replaced at some point, simply because I want it replaced. We will run PVC arches over it, to raise it, then put deer netting back over it. It'll help keep the doves out - which will help keep lice/mites/diseases down. It'll also cost a little over $150, if I've done the math right...so, it's gotta wait for the funds to be available).

I spent yesterday afternoon adding a new swash of chicken wire around the bottom of the run - the old wire had been kinda torn up by the resetting of the posts. The pullets are JUST small enough to fit thru the welded wire....it wasn't easy - he was mowing (which needed to be done - especially around the 2 sides of the run (OK, I did that, just to play with the lawnmower), and I had to stretch the wire by myself. Today, my left arm is telling me how Stupid I was. He DID offer to help, but the mowing NEEDED to be done (the back yard was bad, and my neighbor's dogs have fleas.....I do NOT need that, thankyouverymuch! So, the grass had to go). I also added some more shingles to one side of the old coop - I want to see if that helps the leaking problem we have when it rains. If it fixed it (it rained last night - Again), then I'll do the other side; if not, I'll have to figure something else out. I wish the kids were old enough to help, or that my neighbors would offer, but.....they aren't and they don't, so I do what I can, and wait on the rest. (Yes, the kids can hammer.....Herself really can't be trusted to hammer where it needs to be done, and Himself isn't quite tall enough to reach where the new shingles needed to go.)

The horse fence needs to be repaired - the fence guy guaranteed it, yes, but he's nowhere to be found. There are some broken wires - dangerous for both horses and people (if the wire gets around the mower blades....:ugh:) BUT - the horses are contained, and the broken ends are OUTSIDE the pasture. Feeders have been more of a priority - we have 3 finished, 1 that needs the base put on, and 2 more to build (but we need to acquire the barrel, first). We also need to put an automatic waterer on the girl's trough - *I* can't do it, because it requires drilling (my wrist doesn't like the cordless drill - it hurts), and, frankly, that's not at the top of the list. We can just suck it up and turn the faucet on and off. (And stand and watch it so we don't flood the pasture - water costs $$. I'm lazy - hence the automatic waterers. :grin:)

The top of the list? Getting all our plants in the ground. I have 75 seedlings (well, probably more like 60 - some of the seeds haven't germinated) that HAVE to go in next weekend. We have a TON of plants he bought over the winter (Notice - BOUGHT? Yeah, that's $$) that NEED to be planted SOON, or that'll be money down the drain. He has a lot of plants started from cuttings from plants at his house - free, yes, but still needing to be transplanted soon-ish. A lot is landscaping, true - which isn't "important", but.....the more plants planted, the less *mowing* we'll have to do, which means more time we can spend *playing*.

Speaking of mowing, we just bought a new riding mower. Yeah, more debt....BUT. The craftsman we got last year? I can't steer it, so I really can't help mow. The mower itself works, but.....if only one person can use it, it's not much help. The new one? Steers like a champ - I need to remember it's a LAWNMOWER and not my Kubota (I kept stomping my right heel down to reverse it....duh. You gotta put it in reverse. The Kubota has a pedal to put it in reverse. :dumb blonde moment:) I'll be able to keep up with the mowing now, which'll free HIM up to do the important stuff.

Oh - and planting...I can't do that right now, either - my wrist won't let me. I tried to help dig the hole for the Japanese maple...and had to quit after 2 shovel-fulls. Pain. BAD Pain. :sigh:

Now, on top of all that...he works. AND he is still taking full care of his aunt at his house. *I* work. So, for stuff to get done, it has to get done either after work, or on days off/weekends. That's not a lot of time to do stuff in.....especially not when some of the stuff is pretty labor-intensive (like...the chicken run. It takes a full 8 hours to do *1* side - you have to let the concrete cure before restretching the wire. *I* won't let him do more than 1 side at once, because I don't want the risk of loose birds.). The horse fence? Will take a good 2 or 3 hours - because, again, he has to do that by himself.

So...if you feel that my husband isn't doing stuff he should be doing, put your money where your mouth (fingers? :lol:) is and come help. Don't hide behind anonymous emails......it just makes you petty.

Now that *that's* off my chest...:grin: The pullets were fine this AM. Didn't check on the 2 puny hens, so don't know there.
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Date:April 18th, 2009 03:45 am (UTC)
WTF indeed! and cowardly to boot! Your troll obviously needs to pay attention to thier own life. Its good to be busy and never once have I gotten the impression that you both weren't working your butts off every weekend. I'm glad to say that I've been busy too. One bathroom is almost done. Just gotta get that second one done, replace the doors, figure out a storage solution for the hall bathroom, then on to the next project. My garden is growing slowly, but it is growing. I'm not sure the brussels sprouts are going to make it. Whee! Finishing these projects accomplishes many things at once. I stay out of shopping malls and yarn stores, it gets my house ready to sell in case I lose my job, I am using stuff taking up space in the garage so I get that a little less cluttered, I get to spend time working on stuff with my sweetie. Its a win-win!
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Date:April 20th, 2009 01:54 pm (UTC)
Yeah.....some people! I don't think they realize how much time it takes to do stuff...and they don't offer to help, either! :grin:

Great to hear about the house! I hope you don't have to sell....but I understand. This economy sucks.

(spin a yarn)
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