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Change is good...


As you can see, I've been playing around with the settings here at LJ. Paid accounts have a lot more stuff to play with then freebies I've been going a little crazy playing around with the options. I think this'll do....for now. *g*

Why did I switch to paid? Simple - LJ has come up with their own photo host.....and - so far - only paid users can access it. Since LJ is only $25/year....I figured it was time to upgrade. I'll still be uploading the majority of my pictures to my webpage, but this way I can tease you into visiting it to see the rest of the pictures. *g*

Oh, and the extra avatars were a nice incentive, too....and the fact you can chage avatars with each entry. (Yeah, I'm silly. Oh well!)

Must go tuck in the kidlets and read stories. Last night was Star Wars...tonight will probably be Angelina Ballerina or Amelia Bedelia. Whee!
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