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:sigh: Reason #124,589,697 I HATE Sears...

My freezer. Is out. AGAIN. For the 3rd time in what - 2 months? 3? We have the warranty on it, yes, but it's OUT. AGAIN. And Sears no longer offers to replace appliances if you have to have them repaired 3x in a year for the same damn thing. (Even new - they offer you a $500 credit for a new one. Yeah - no. This appliance cost $1600 NEW. :bangs head:)

It's the compressor - I've told them that. Over and Over again. They keep replacing little parts......if they'd just replace the damn compressor we'd be good for another 4 or 5 years. :sigh:

And don't get me started on their Service Department. The first time I called (at 4:30 this morning, or thereabouts), the lady couldn't do anything - "You must call between business hours of 8 and 5". :sigh: So, why did I call at 5 AM last time and get a service call set up? - she couldn't answer that. I told her what I thought of her - I was nice, believe it or not! - waited until 5:15, and called back. This time it went to Mexico instead of India, and, not only did he set me up with a Friday appointment, he told me to call back at *7:00* (NOT 8, see?) and tell them it was an emergency and to set me up something sooner. I did, and they did - they are coming out today between 8 and 5. Supposedly. :sigh:

Anyway. Onto more pleasant things.........the pool is not quite full - miscommunication. :grin: I said to "check" it at 3; they thought I said "turn it off" at 3. No biggie - the water is running now, and it should be full by tonight. The pool service is coming out next week to get it set up (they have to add the salt, backwash the filter, get it all running so they can get the salt balance right), then it'll be good to go once it warms up enough to swim. :bounce:

Broody chicken is not broody any more. :yippee: (Broody hens don't lay eggs - fine if you want baby chicks, not so much if you want eggs.) Production is down - 8 being the new daily average. :scratches head: Must be molting - although it doesn't look like it.

Injured chicken is mending. She clucked at me this AM when I opened the dog crate...the rest of the hens spilled out of the coops when I opened the doors (at 5-ish....silly birds! It's Dark!), she just set there clucking.

I need to get pictures of the SLW pullets - their latest trick is to try and see how many of them will fit inside a cinderblock. They are SO funny - I had forgotten how funny babies are. The hens are a hoot, but pullets - they're even funnier. :grin:

Seedlings are doing well - they will need to go in the ground This Week. Fun stuff....
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