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Weekend recap

Y'know, I should just set up a recurring entry for weekends: Busy. That would save me time posting a recap! :lol:

Saturday dawned bright and early - as in, 5 AM. Sweet Geek had to go into the office to shut down all the servers/phones/PCs/whatever (they were..changing the Plant's power supply? Or something), so we all piled into the truck and headed out at 6. After a quick stop at Chik-fil-A, we piled into his office to wait while he did...whatever it was that he does. :grin: We left there around 9:30....hit a nice rose garden, fed some ducks and koi, had lunch, and watched a Rugby match.

Or, he and Herself did. I got bored after 15 minutes; Himself started OUT bored. Plus, the language....yes, I can (and sometimes do) cuss like a sailor on shoreleave. I do NOT do it around my children or other people's children. Rugby? Has worse language than *me*....and they don't care *who* is listening. :sigh: So, I hit the truck for a "nap", and Himself went with me. Herself helped Sweet Geek take photos (??Not sure on *how*, exactly, but hey - whatever!) and seemingly enjoyed the game.

We got home around 5:30 and *crashed*.

Sunday, Sweet Geek headed *back* to work to turn everything *back* on. The kids and I tidied up around the house - I tried to nap, but to no avail. He got home around 12, we went out to lunch (Pizza not impressed. They got our order wrong (they actually forgot the Medium Pizza *we* ordered, but got the kids' Personal Pans)..and still charged us for it. :sigh: Ah, well....

We hit Dollar Store for trellises (for the beans and peas), then home again to plant plants. I mowed while the kids cleaned out the vitex trees...we got the Rose garden started (but I flooded the tiller :sigh:), and I got to sit on Dusty for a bit. Fun stuff!

We crashed at 8....and are still exhausted this AM.

Hurt chicken is back with her flock - she seems to be doing better. The pullets are running amok (I STILL need photos of them...I'll try this week. It's pouring now, so today is out...maybe tomorrow?)

The sock is at the toe...just a few more rounds and I can start the mate! I'm not impressed with the sock as a whole, but hey - it was a learning experience. :grin: I'll wear them...not a lot, but they will be worn. Pair # 2 will have a flap-and-gusset heel, and some sort of different toe. :lol:
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