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Got home *late* last night - by late, I mean 8:30. My bedtime is 8. Why out so late? Well......

Sweet Geek had stopped at a feed store near his aunt's to pick up birdseed. No biggie - he does sweet things like that all the time. He got back in the truck....and nothing. He turned the key and got "clickclickclickclick". If he put it in "Accessory", he got the radio, lights, whatever. :curious:

He could charge his phone in Accessory mode, but if he put the radio on, too, the phone quit charging.

So. He called our insurance, got a tow company set up, and waited for me. :grin: I had to go 30 miles to get him, then follow the tow truck to the closest Firestone, and then we had to deliver the birdseed, grab a bite, and get home.

All of this would have been OK...except for the idiot that called the house at 1:05 AM THIS MORNING. It was...a wrong number. :bangs head:

So, needless to say, I got no sleep from 1:05 on. :sigh: This is gonna be a fun day!

Ms. Boss - rear-ended someone yesterday. Her Mercedes is....crumpled. The hood and bumper are toast, but the rest of the car looks ok. She....wasn't paying attention, or something. At least she's OK.

Pool - they cleaned it yesterday, and started the pump, but the guy didn't add any salt (I have a salt-based pool, and salt is, like, important) and the pump sounds funny. I get to call them later today. :sigh:

I need a nap...
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