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About Weekend Woes...

Previous Entry Weekend Woes... May. 3rd, 2009 @ 08:30 am Next Entry
Not a whole lot, actually. Woes, I mean - it has rained (and poured) for most of the time. We've been busy, too - but not around here. :lol:

Friday evening, we mowed, did laundry, basically the stuff we would'a done Saturday.

Yesterday, we spent most of it running around - we went to visit my friend with sheep AND goats. She used to MILK them, in fact! We got there around 11:30...and left at 2:45. :blink: I think we've found our 3 does, too - if she can bear to part with them. :lol: (I know how that is - you're attached to them (Finn), you don't really *need* them (Finn), but..you just can't imagine selling them. (Finn)

Anyway, we solidified our barn plans after seeing their setup, we figured out our fencing (we CAN use what we have, we just need to add some hot wire to be safe), we figured out feeding, figured out the whole "need a buck for milk" thing (I'll keep one of the buck kids and use him to rebreed - since we're NOT getting into breeding for more goats, it'll be OK. I'll alternate which doe's son I keep each year, just because, but....yeah, there will b e some inbreeding going on) The kids will be bottle raised to 20 or 30 pounds, then sent to the butcher. After the buckling gets His job done, he'll go off, too. Or, that's the plan.)

We're looking at 3 does - the ones she might be able to bring herself to sell are young Nubians, never been bred. From good milking stock, though....and the buck she'll breed 'em to? Cashmere. :gulp: Freezer......or garage? (Cashmere is DIVINE to spin. Hers? 17 microns. Full coverage. LOVELY stuff!) (No, they'll go to the freezer. I do NOT need more than 3 goats. Don't have time. Do NOT need! :lol:)

They won't be in heat until August, so we won't have them before then (she's in the federal Scrapie program, so the goats can't come back once they've left her property. I gotta breed 'em somehow....so, we wait until they're preggers to pick 'em up.), which gives us time to get the barn built and fences up. And the few extra things I think I'll need (a stainless milk pail to mix all the milk in once it's weighed - you milk out a doe, weigh it (a gallon is about 8 pounds), then dump it in the big pail. Ditto #2 and 3. While my milker is set up for 1 gallon....and I'm NOT expecting to get a full gallon each milking....it COULD happen. I want to be sure I have something in place so I don't have to haul the bucket to the house and come back to the barn. Some of the mamas of the doelings we looked at were 5 pound milkers EACH TIME. x3......yeah, I might need a "holding tank".

So...that's where we are right now. We priced tin and posts at Home Despot last night, and I think we can build what we want for under $2K. Sounds like a lot, but we're building a barn with a large "stall" for the girls, a separate stall for the kids (they'll be bottle babies), a "feed alley" where we dish out food (the feeders are on the outside of the stalls, with nose openings in the stall. Don't have to open doors to feed - that's convienent!), a separate milking area (to keep the dust down) and a separate feed storage area.

Gotta go feed animals - more later!
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spin a yarn
Date:May 3rd, 2009 09:57 pm (UTC)

animals ...

I do not need goats too. I do not need goats too. argh.

I have a chicken escape artist already from the brooder pen. And they are only 3 weeks old tomorrow. Man, do they grow FAST.

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Date:May 3rd, 2009 10:46 pm (UTC)

Re: animals ...

Y'know, *I* said that, too a few months ago. Now? We just laid out the Dairy barn....and are planning the best way to fence. :grin: The fresh butter/cheese/milk finally convinced me.

Chickens ARE escape artists. Make sure you use the smallest hole chicken wire possible - you might even have to double it. And fence the run higher than you anticipate them flying - one of my Red Leghorns can clear a 5' fence *easily*. :boggle:

They do grow fast - it's amazing! My pullets don't look like babies anymore.....at least I finally got pictures! Now I just need to post 'em....
(spin a yarn)
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