Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Two in One Day - aren't you lucky? :grin:

:whew: I quit for the day. Too much stuff to do - and done! Let's see.....

We built the remaining 3 horse feeders; re-set some t-posts on the girl's fence; repaired said fence; attached the automatic waterer to the girls' trough (but not the hose, yet - need to cut it and put the new ends on.); cleaned up the soon-to-be goat area; laid out the dairy barn; gave the chickens and horses some of the grass clippings; moved 1 weeks worth of food over from the deep freezer to the side-by-side (I keep not closing the deep freezer, so I have to lock it. I'm tired of the stinking alarm going off). Also did 2 loads of laundry and 2 loads of dishes. :sigh:

We laid out the barn...and we might be changing the size. We decreased the does' living area - it was 15'8" x 15'...we cut it down to 12' x 15'. The plans we are using are for 20 goats and kids...we're not planning on having more than 12 at a time (IF all 3 does give us triplets...and we are NOT keeping the kids.) - the majority of the time we'll have the 3 does only. The milking parlor looks a bit small to me (5' x 8'), so we might enlarge it and the feed room (10' x 8') We'll see. We have until August, so...:lol:

We're going to build a large coop, too, to replace the 2 smaller ones we have. The "new" coop will become the "hospital" coop, the original one....I don't know yet. I like it, but it's too hard to clean. The New new one will be human-sized, with a rubber mat on the ground for the floor (with shredded paper/shavings on top). Easy to go in and clean. Not sure if the nesting boxes will have outside access or not - I *like* that, but.....we'll see. Goat barn First.

I also got some pictures today - of the pullets and Boots. I'll try to upload them tomorrow, but no promises.

I have a Dreamwidth account now - same name. Not sure how I'll use it, but I wanted to snag my name while I had the chance (I didn't on Ravelry, and I'm upset over it. I like having the Same Presence everywhere. :lol:)

Need to get dinner on the table...
Tags: blather, country life, goats

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