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Well. The lady came out with the old spinning It was...OMG, it was an antique walking wheel, 90% there! It was missing the spindle. That's *it*.

2 spinning heads - 1 with a primitive Minor's Head, 1 original. All the turnings seem to oh wow. It's *huge*. I mean, yeah, I *know* they're big, but to actually *see* one, and get to touch

Turns out she also has a loom - a Norwood studio loom. Has no clue how to use it. heheheheheheheh. She saw my dishtowels and went bonkers. *g* I have a feeling she'll be back soon........

And, have I said Wow yet? *g*

At least my house is clean - except for the floors. I vacuumed and mopped really well this AM (I even got down and hand-scrubbed portions!).....then it rained. Mud city. The dogs had a party. *sigh*

Must get back to the loom so I can get more done before the (hopefully still planned) surgery on Tuesday. Up now: variegated weft in "eggplant" colorway. Way cool - *this* towel is *Mine*, all *mine*! *g* I think I'll use it for the bodice fabric I am planning...but I'll need to get some darker color for warp. Maybe purple? Black? This requires thought...
Tags: blather, spinning, weaving

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