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So Tired...

I just can't keep my eyes open this AM. Most of it is due to NO caffeine this morning - there was no tea, and I had no time to fix any. :sigh: It's at the wrong time of the month for me to scrounge up change to *buy* tea, caffiene for me today. It's gonna be a FUN day......

Sweet Geek and I did some price-checking yesterday at Whole Foods. Goats milk? $3.99/QUART. Goats milk cheese? $4.99/OUNCE. Do the math....we need to get into the dairy business! :grin: (Free-range eggs were $3.99 - $5.99/dozen, depending on if you called them Organic or not.)

Need to take a nap.....:sigh: No, I really need to scrounge around up here and see if I can't come up with a couple bucks to grab some tea at Jack in the Box. I fear for my sanity otherwise.....

Most of the hens have decided that the original coop is IT, and the new coop sucks. It's pretty funny - the original coop is set up for 15 hens. I had 20 in there - since they're only in there to lay and sleep, it was no big deal. Now? 24 hens have decided it's the best place in's pretty stuffed. :snicker: They explode out of there in the mornings - silly birds!
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