Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Happy Mother's day!

to all mothers out there! Once again, it was a

Saturday: Spent the morning shopping at Wallyworld. Got home and moved the roundpen, mowed the front and back yards, plus the dairy area, re-laid out the dairy barn (properly this time - it's all square and everything!), attached the automatic waterer to the girls (but it leaks, so we can't use it all the time. Need to look into that). It was BuSy - we wanted to go see Star Trek, but didn't have the time. Next week...hopefully. We spent a good hour at a cheap construction store....I think we'll go there to build our barn (the prices were a LOT less than Home Despot....4x4s were $9 vs $14, for example. And...ALL the prices were the same way.)

Sunday: The kids made me breakfast in bed - scrambled eggs on hamburger buns, a bowl of cereal (Sweet Geek) a glass of milk (SG), a glass of tea (me) and 2 chocolate muffins. Himself gave me a bag of chocolate covered cherries and a card; Herself made me a "bouquet" of origami flowers. (They're gorgeous, and I love them!) They even cleaned up after themselves! Great start to the morning! We then went to the SIL's for Mom's Day. It was good - good food, good company,'s a long drive. Did get another flower for Himself's project - which is good, since it's due tomorrow. (Thanks for the notice, Himself! :lol:)

We spent about 3 hours on Saturday, and another 2 today on finishing it up. It's all id'd and in a notebook now - he'll get an A, since he has more than 15 flowers (27 at last count...I think)...I just hope we id'd them correctly. It's hard to tell what's what once the flower is smooshed and dried out. :lol: Still, he's got a few unusual ones - Passionflower, anyone? How about Bluebonnet? (you'd think a lot of kids would have 'em, but there's a myth that it's illegal to pick them - Not So!)

Gave Bailey a clip today - he needed it. He's still fat...but it's all Dog, and not fur. :sigh: Someone needs to go on a diet, methinks.....

Need to rustle up some food before heading to bed - I'm pooped!
Tags: blather, kids, pets

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